Tena For MEN free sample....
Tena For MEN free sample....

Tena For MEN free sample....

See second post as I can't find the words for this one...


By the way a mate of mine gave me this link via MSN, so its most definately NOT my own work :lol:
- Shengis


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Fantastic!!! Hot!

Need some of these for pissing myself laughing, how would anyone find this without looking for it

Lol his "friend" showed it him.............

:giggle: :giggle:

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Don't know. The worrying thing is that it was sent to me.

What I want to see is people posting:

"Cheers, gone for some of these" PMSL :lol: :lol:

LOL you even get two kinds so you can decide "which is right for you"


Awww I'm disappointed... I thought it was like a sock thing you put over your fireman... But it's more like a male panty liner...

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Managing director of Tena to lower employee product designer type....

"So am I understanding you correctly, you want us to sell ST's for men?" :lol:

Well, hey, I don't know what to do with it... but it's free. :w00t:

Hey, it sounds good that.
I think I might try it.

Hahahah, bollox!

If i recieve it I iwll try it and let you knw how i get on

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If i recieve it I iwll try it and let you knw how i get on

We have a reviewer, any more:giggle:

Do ya think they would make good fart filters? :? :giggle:

On a serious note men do suffer from prostrate problems which can mean they too leak Pee

:santa: Keep you warm in those cold winter nights :w00t:

An unexpected early Christmas present for my friend :giggle: :giggle:

I even ticked the box that he would like further contact.

I work at Waitrose and I was looking for some stock in the cupboard and we came across these, me & my mate did a double take and were shocked. Upon closer inspection we opened the packet and the pads are huge and positively scary!! If I saw a man with one of these I would run a mile. I dont think I could handle a packet of these on the bathroom shelf beside my Always.

Perhaps a 'knob bucket' would have been a better idea, kinda like what they feed horses with :whistling:

Gonna think twice next time I'm in the pub and ask someone to lend us a tena!


Im sorry!, I really didint know men leaked wee wee too, thought it was only woman who had, had kids that had this problem, so ive learnt something new today!!!!!....

voted cold.man these things really take the pi*s;-)

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voted cold.man these things really take the pi*s;-)

You nobber :lol:

Has anybody received these yet?

LMFAO just signed my dad up for some of these will make an inexpensive crimbo prezzie.

WOW..........a pee catcher for men........lol............I've never known a man that leaks wee and if I did I'd run, it's bad enough when they leak gas ;-)

Wonder if the sticky strip gets caught to their hair...............:giggle:

The Joys Of Old Age!!!!
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