Tenacious D's - Tenacious D CD. £2.99 inc Del plus Quidco

Tenacious D's - Tenacious D CD. £2.99 inc Del plus Quidco

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My first deal.....

"Self titled debut album from comedians Jack Black and Kyle Gross. Produced by the Dust Brothers 'Tenacious D' features guest appearances from Dave Grohl, Page McConnell (Phish), and Warren Fitzgerald (Vandals) amongst others. Mixing faux-metal ballads with full on rock anthems influenced by Styx, Rush, Dio, Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath. Includes the singles 'Tribute' and 'F**k Her Gently"

Track List

One Note Song
Hard F**king
F**k Her Gently
Inward Singing
Kyle Quit The Band
The Road
Cock Pushups
Friendship Test
Karate Schnitzel
Rock Your Socks
Double Team
City Hall


great price just for track 6. its a classic

Spectacular Album - Every track a winner

Heat and Rep

Long Live the D!

A fantastic album, and a complete must have at this price!

Heat added.

Is this the real thing? Or is it just a tribute....................

I have to admit even though I'm a huge fan - I hated this album for like a year after it's release, I persevered though and I finally succumbed to it's majesty.

Quite simply mock-rock's finest ever moment, with some truly wonderful songs - and gags that still crease me up now 6 or 7 years on.

I subsequently became a big fan, saw them at Hammersmith Xmas '06 - and have just bought tickets for the Metallica/Tenacious D gig at Marley Park Dublin!

Looking forward to the gig and I'll probably get this to replace my tatty copy just for the hell of it.


...Quite simply mock-rock's finest ever moment...

Woah! I'm sorry, however good this album is, I doubt it can touch Spinal Tap's majestic debut. So good it shouldn't even be called 'mock'... \\m//



Is this the real thing? Or is it just a tribute....................

erm... is that meant to be a quote?

Cock push-ups!!! ;-D

great cd great band cant wait to see them at leeds

Wow...excellent album...good price!

heh... Kyle Gross.

its Gass!

This album will rock your socks off :thumbsup:

didn't rock my socks sorry

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didn't rock my socks sorry

Not everyone gets it.........
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