Tenchu Time of the Assassins PSP £12.99

Tenchu Time of the Assassins PSP £12.99

Found 29th Nov 2006
Tenchu: Time of the Assassins for the PSP only £12.99 from Blahdvd - cheapest elsewhere is £20

Description from Amazon:
Product Features
-Scenario mode brand new storylines with your favourite Tenchu characters
-Make your own missions and levels and exchange them with your friends!
-A variety of high-quality single-player and multiplayer modes.
-Features a level editor that players can use to create new missions, and then share with friends.
-Stealth kills demand a high level of skill, and offer a rewarding challenge.
-50 extra standalone missions and four main characters plus one new character.
-Over 40 NPCs including allies and enemies from previous Tenchu titles.
- Kazzea


Hi Kazzea I added a pic there. ;-)

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Thanks - I still have no idea how to do that :thumbsup:

Check out that blue link above ^^^

Isnt there a £2 voucher for a spend over £12... thus making this £10.99!
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