TENCHU Z (Xbox 360) - £8 @ Tesco

TENCHU Z (Xbox 360) - £8 @ Tesco

Found 23rd Dec 2007
Become the ultimate ninja assassin! Master the ancient art of stealth.

Experience all new gameplay! Immerse yourself in ancient Japan as you take on more than 50 different missions - from espionage to assassination to hostage rescue - for both single and co-op play, offering a new level of ninja gameplay available only on Xbox 360.

Play as a ninja strike team with your friends! Work cooperatively for a completely different ninja experience. Team up with a friend to finish off your foe. Let a friend subdue him from behind as you run him through with your katana.

Hone your ninja skills! Use sound, smell and sight to master the "Stealth Kill." Scale walls, fly over rooftops and spring from the shadows to attack without detection as you eliminate even the toughest opponents with one devastating blow.

Customise your character! Create a hero to match your own playing style from a variety of different looks and attributes. Choose from a wide array of ninja weaponry and more than 130 unique ninja fighting actions.


I was about to spam this as it looked like spam!! :-D Please try to make thread titles more informative - platform, price retailer etc... added in now...

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Thank's for your help! :thumbsup:

Another £8 taken away from me by Tesco Jersey! Thanks me_2_U :-P

unfortunately its an awful game but not as bad as some...some people like it though
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