tennis set £9.49 Tesco instore

tennis set £9.49 Tesco instore

LocalFound 23rd Jul 2016
Absolute steal!!!!!!!!!! Get them quick though at this huge cut they wont last long!!!!!!
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What a find! Red hot deal
Lol 1p discount
I got this at full price and probably paid too much but with the discount it's probably worth a shot.
Edited by: "shareef" 23rd Jul 2016
probably cost a penny to print the label!!!
Heading over there now before they sell out....oO

Lol 1p discount

Remember every penny helps
Thought this would be RED HOT by now!!!
ooohhhhhh on my way now, hope it's not a wild goos3 chase!!!!
I find the same discounts in my local Asda
This is taking the p... I think !

This is taking the p... I think !

you think???
All stolen now
This is why I don't shop much in tesco now only when they send a coupon through the door for £6 off a £40 shop 15% off my normal shop I can handle but only get the offers and spend just over £40 to fully get all the discount. Tesco staff !!! Are they daft enough to even put the sticker on ?? I mean really a discount of 1p I suppose it's better that the other offers they do like £1.50 each or 2 for £3 !!!!!!
Every little helps !
lol, that is amazing. reminds me of an aldi deal i saw moons ago on some coke which again was 1p off
got myself a few, lol
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