Terminator 2 on Blu Ray £12.99 @ play.com (pre -order)

Terminator 2 on Blu Ray £12.99 @ play.com (pre -order)




only a few pence but £12.93 @ the hut/asda/lovefilm plus 10% quidco @ lovefilm

Just a heads-up: The US release was available from Movietyme for only £4.99 recently, so this may get cold votes....

I think its going to be region free so it could well be slightly cheaper (even with shipping) from the US/Canada and no danger of customs.



£8.93 delivered here

I am pretty sure this is a different release to the current US Bluray so please dont vote based on that.

US Bluray is cheap many places because it is not a great transfer, released by Lionsgate.

I think this is just going to be the same transfer as the UK/Euro HD DVD (Optimum/Studio Canal release) which was much bettter than the US BD.

That said it is still cheaper from The Hut ;-)

The US Version is Lionsgate = Theatrical Cut

The UK Version will be Studio Canal = Directors Cut

Format: PAL
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 18
Studio: Optimum Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 4 Aug 2008
Run Time: 147 minutes

“Theatrical Cut” (131:18 minutes PAL)
“Special Edition” (147:13 minutes PAL).

That would be super cool if thats the case, I've held off buying this as the SE was superb.


I got a better price for it.

I bought 2 Blu-Ray films from LoveFilm.com, order was just over £25 (T2 was £12.93, other film was £12.63)
That came to £25.56, that automatically got 10% off (-£2.55) as it was over £25, so came to £23.01.
I also got 5% quidco on that (-£1.15)
My final price will be £21.86 for 2 Blu Ray films, or £10.93 each.

Thanks to ]catinthehat for posting the LoveFilm deal.

"good deal for the best terminator film"

I can think of at least one Terminator film that was better, the first one.
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