Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines (T3) 2 Disc - £3.95 delivered

Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines (T3) 2 Disc - £3.95 delivered

Found 30th Apr 2008
The final chapter of the Terminator saga , the movie which Arnold (a.k.a the Governor) last played as the Terminator (who ended judgement day) before he went on to rules California in real live.

John Connor has been living in fear of the events that haunted his early years. T-X, the most powerful machine from Skynet is sent from the future to kill Connor and the woman that he will eventually marry. In order to protect Connor The Human Resistance sends a new machine, the T-101 and together they must defeat T-X to ensure the safety of the human race...
Special Features:

Cast And Crew Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, An Introduction By Arnold Schwarzenegger Featurette, Documentary, Dressed To Kill Featurette, Making Of The Video Game Featurette, Storyboards, Toys In Action Featurette, Visual Effects Featurettes, Photo Galleries, Weblink, T3 Video Game Trailer, Blooper Reel, Filmographies, 7 Easter Eggs
Technical Details:

Region 2
Aspect Ratio: 2.40 Wide Screen
Running Time: 104 minutes
Production Year: 2003
Main Language: English


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£3.93 at TheHut/Asda/LoveFilm

Or wait a few days til it's on Channel Five or UK Gold. Seems to be on all the time on these channels.

what a poor sequel....shudda known T2 was too amazing to make a sequel to it..

cheaper elsewhere, horrible film... why so hot?

and a bit hard to call it the final chapter, when T4 is out later this year.



£3.72 at DVDi£3.74 at SelectCheaper£3.93 at TheHut/Asda/LoveFilm:)

£3.54 @ LoveFilm with code SHOP10
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