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Posted 18 February 2024

Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition - Xbox Series X/S (100 Turkish Lira / FUPS Payment)

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The future has not been written… take fate into your own hands with Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition!This complete package bundles an enhanced version of Terminator: Resistance, the officially licensed first-person shooter set in the Terminator universe, the Annihilation Line Narrative Expansion starring Kyle Reese, and Infiltrator Mode, where players get the chance to take control of the iconic T-800 series Infiltrator unit.

How to buy game with VPN

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  1. DreadPirateRoberts2013's avatar
    There's still no way to get a FUPS/Turkish payment method is there? for those of us who missed out back before it was restricted
    darkclouds's avatar
    So basically another deal where less than 5 % of people can get
  2. Disney1987's avatar
    Had so much potential this game
  3. darkclouds's avatar
    What payment methods can you use 
  4. Salad_Fingers's avatar
    Bargain if you can get it.
  5. GunzOfNavarone's avatar
    Great game, and the DLC.
  6. XP200's avatar
    Fantastic game, basically a sequal or remake of the old dos PC game maftershock, really catches that none stop Terminator on the early levels when you cannot kill a fly. ha

    Heat........from the judgemant day launch.
    CenturionConstruct's avatar
    Do you mean the game Terminator: Future Shock?
  7. Feargal's avatar
    Great price for Xbox loving Turks..not sure why it is posted here though.
    JTD.ST's avatar
    For those of us fortunate enough to already have a Fups account set up. Potentially not many of us, but still good to see the deal appear. Plus you could also buy Lira gift cards.
  8. Arber_Haliti's avatar
    I actually forgot to turn on vpn, oops! And it still worked??? Fups card was there from last time and I just hit buy... Hope I don't get account banned...
    JTD.ST's avatar
    I’ve never turned on a VPN to buy from the Turkish store. This is a totally VPN free method
  9. ozzyp's avatar
    I haven't seen a Turkish FUPS Xbox post with all offers in a while. Any recommendations on how to bring up all Turkish sale items?
  10. rlissimore's avatar
    Really enjoyed this game and I paid about £25. For this price it's a bargain.

    Oh and one of the near end of game cut scenes is hysterical. It's not supposed to be but if you know it, you know it. (edited)
  11. HarrisonRoss97's avatar
    Can I just put it out there that if you can't buy through the turkey store you can still enter turkey codes while using a VPN so someone could be making some money right now and helping us, for example if someone who has FUPS etc could buy a bunch of codes using the buy as a gift option, then sell them on eneba, g2a, cdkeys etc for a reasonable markup
  12. cryptomuzz's avatar
    Can you use revolut?
  13. Anarki's avatar
    Just wanted to say - thanks OP for this deal.

    I have only just round to completing Robocop Rogue City and enjoyed the hell out of it so had a look at other games that the developer had been involved in - which is this game...

    Spotted this deal and was able to redeem it by buying an Xbox Turkish gamecard for 100TRY (ending up costing £3.44), VPN'ing onto my Xbox account online and buying it via the gift card I bought just mentioned - marginally more expensive than your deal, but an absolute steal all the same.
's avatar