Terminator Salvation (PS3/Xbox 360) - £16.73 @ The Hut
Terminator Salvation (PS3/Xbox 360) - £16.73 @ The Hut

Terminator Salvation (PS3/Xbox 360) - £16.73 @ The Hut

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i would suggest renting this as i completed it in a day

game is rubbish - dont waste your money

buying these poor quality rushed movie tie-ins means more get made - please stop

save up and get new batman arkham asylum instead

Awful awful awful game. Probably only worth about £5.

I'll be back...

(when it's £4.99)

great movie, shame games developer couldn't make better use of the license.

Heard this was only like 4 hours long.

Good price, Voted Hot, But the game is a let down. But whilst renting this I got very addicted to it. I must admit certain points really frustrated me but renting it even for the Platinum Trophy you cant go wrong.... I completed it on Normal Mode first time in under 6 Hours so it's not long at all. I suggest playing it on Hard first time so you get all trophies without playing 2nd time if you dont want to.

Quite possibly the worst game I have ever played.

I'd struggle to vote it hot if it were a fiver, which I can guarantee it will be in the not too distant future.

I'm afraid this game is a rental only from me.
Game is ok..enjoyable gameplay..but definately NOT worth more than £5.

I finished this game on hard in about 6-7 hours. No replay value at all.

The crappiness of this game and the high price point makes this one ICE COLD!

completed in 3 and a half hours... do not touch with a barge pole!

Link teakes me to The Game Collection and not The Hut:thumbsup:

The game is not bad at all, the graphics are quite nice, but I have to warn you that is very short.

Probably the fact that you have unlimited lives does not help, maybe they should have done like the old days with two continues so that way people will not complete it so quick.

I have to say I did enjoy but is way to short, so don't pay more than £5 for it or just rent it.

One of the easiest and shortest platinums ever. Please nobody buy this awful game, it's not even worth a fiver.
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