Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1 (Blu Ray) £9.85 @ Zavvi + 3% Quidco.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1 (Blu Ray) £9.85 @ Zavvi + 3% Quidco.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1 (Blu Ray) £9.85 @ Zavvi + 3% Quidco.

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* Humans vs. cyborgs in a movie spin-off that's surprisingly effective for fans of both action and character drama Newsday,
* This show lives up to its franchise's reputation for suspenseful action TV Guide,
* Director David Nutter gets the series off to a rousing start, practically packing every frame with suspense, special effects and an urgency that drives this show like an incessant drumbeat Hollywood Reporter,
* One of the more humanizing adventures in science fiction to arrive in quite a while, the series is taut, haunting, relevant, and an exploration of adolescent exceptionalism rendered without the cheerleading uniforms and parody of HEROES New York Times,
* As much as the show recalls the movies, it also recalls some of the best work ever done in the genre for TV: the Buffy universe of Joss Whedon. Most every blast of portent and bombast is lightened by a throwaway joke; scenes of intense action and violence give way to equally well-realized scenes of domestic life that root the fantasy in emotional reality USA Today,
* Under director David Nutter and show-runner Josh Friedman, the first two hours roll a slick brand extension off this profitable assembly line Variety.

*** Season 2 also listed for £14.85 ***

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Excellent price

nice find! Just bought Season 1 & 2

Whats people think of this show? undecided atm


Season 2 for £15 on blu ray. Just ordered it for myself as I already have S1, cracking show, plus Summer Glau is easy on the eyes

Original Poster

Never to be a 3rd season either as it's now been shelved. Shame!

Cracking show can't understand why it was dropped?

brilliant show - theyre absolute plebs for dropping it

Amazing TV series.

I'd renew it in a heart beat if I was running Fox.

does season 2 end without tying up any major plotlines?


does season 2 end without tying up any major plotlines?

LOL. Yes, just a bit. What happens at the end of Season 2 is the biggest plot twist of the whole series and I'm gutted that we wont get to see what happened beyond there...

The ending of S2 clearly shows they were planning another season, and then the plug got pulled

I already have S1 bluray, but seeing S2 for £15 I think I'll have to get that

I'm less surprised it was dropped.

It had a very promising first season but the second definitely lost it's way a bit.

It looked like an expensive show to produce. There was a whole stretch of frankly dull episodes about midway through the series which would have completely killed the casual viewers interest (very nearly did mine and I first watched it on DVD). And the final plot twist would have only increased the future expense and alienated casual viewers even more. I guess it hadn't built up sufficient following to justify the expense.

It had many great aspects though - intelligent casting, pretty good scripting and an intriguing series arc over the two seasons. At it's best it felt like you were getting a mini-terminator movie each week.


Cracking show can't understand why it was dropped?

And yet Law and Order (which i've never seen on here as a deal item) is in it's 10th series despite no one actually watching it or buying it. Firefly was cancelled due to low viewing numbers which were actually more than the first series of America's Next Top Model yet that seems to be on constantly. Go figure. Re-wathed this show last week, great stuff, shouldn't have been cancelled, shame the film/conclusion seems to have been shelved now.
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