Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Series 1-2 On DVD - £10.85 @ Zavvi

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Series 1-2 On DVD - £10.85 @ Zavvi

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Picking up where TERMINATOR 2 - JUDGEMENT DAY left off, THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES continues the epic battle of man against machine. Having successfully defeated one Terminator in the previous film, Sarah (Lena Headey, RIPLEY'S GAME) realises that the world is no longer a safe place for her or her teenage son John (Thomas Dekker, TV's HEROES). So she makes it their mission to bring down Skynet, the artificial intelligence system responsible for causing all this robo-mayhem. But how do you outmanoeuvre an ever-evolving technology that's hell-bent on wiping out the entire human race? With great difficulty, it turns out. Not only are they being hunted by a bunch of time-travelling, renegade cyborgs, but they're also on the run from the law. Salvation comes in the form of a human-friendly Terminator named Cameron (Summer Glau, SERENITY), who befriends John and serves as their protector. FBI Agent James Ellison, who is originally assigned to capture the Connors, ends up joining their resistance against Cyberdyne Corporation, the company behind Skynet. This release presents every episode from the first and second series of the sci-fi spinoff.


Great series, but shame it got axed after season 2

Same price as when I added it as a comment to the season 2 deal listed 2 weeks-ish ago ... so probably their regular price ...


Great series, but shame it got axed after season 2

Agreed But still HOT

good price, tempted.

but think i will resist , reviews arent that great plus it will annoy me if the program just ends

i'm with kent on this one, also tempted but will get annoyed after season 2. Added some heat anyway as it is a good price

it did get cancelled after season 2, but all depends on how you looked at it cause it was all tied up perfect. Obviously I am not going to spoil it but I was a huge fan of this series and to me it ended perfect. Ok not perfect as I wanted more cause I really enjoyed it.

Series 2 had some pretty weak episodes, but the last two were superb, and really brought the series to a satisfactory conclusion.. Given how series 2 ended though, I really would have loved to see a 3rd series, it could have been impeccable. Pah.

Mike & Molly get a second season, and this gets cancelled - Yet more proof that TV Execs live in a world not like ours..
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