Terrahawks The Complete Series (10 DVD Boxset) £8.99 delivered @ Gzoop/Priceminister (£5.99 using code for new customers)

Terrahawks The Complete Series (10 DVD Boxset) £8.99 delivered @ Gzoop/Priceminister (£5.99 using code for new customers)

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From the creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons comes Terrahawks, the puppet science fiction series, first broadcast in 1983, which re-launched Gerry Anderson's career for a new decade and a new legion of fans!

This DVD box set includes 9 discs packed with all 39 episodes plus an extra disc chocked with exclusive bonus features unavailable anywhere else!

1. Expect The Unexpected (Part 1)
2. Expect The Unexpected (Part 2)
3. Thunder Roar
4. Close Call
5. From Here To Infinity
6. Space Samurai
7. The Sporilla
8. Happy Madeday
9. Gunfight At Oaky's Corral
10. The Ugliest Monster Of All
11. The Gun
12. Thunder Path
13. Mind Monster
14. To Catch A Tiger
15. The Midas Touch
16. Operation SAS
17. Ten Pop Pop
18. Unseen Menace
19. A Chirstmas Miracle
20. Midnight Blue
21. Play it Again, Sram
22. My Kingdom For A Zeaf
23. Zero's Finest Hour
24. The Ultimate Menace
25. Gold
26. Ma's Monsters
27. Two For The Price Of One
28. Child's Play
29. Jolly Rodger One
30. Runaway
31. First Strike
32. Terrabomb
33. Doppleganger
34. Timewarp
35. Space Cyclops
36. Operation Zero
37. Space Giant
38. Cry UFO
39. Cold Finger

Special Features
* Scripts
* Text interviews
* Publicity brochures
* Character profiles
* Gerry Anserson biography
* Terrahawks chronology
* Exclusive bonus disc features:
* U.S. and original UK credit sequences
* 'Gerryhawks': a spoof sketch show only ever seen at Anderson conventions!
* Exclusive cast interviews with Anne Ridler, Jeremy Hitchen, Ben Stevens and Denise Bryer, together again for the first time in 20 years!

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Loved this as a kid......do i risk it and watch now in case it shatters my memory of how good it was or just go for it??!!

This scared the life out of me as a kid - the main baddie was well scary!

My mate works with the bloke who did most of the voices on the show, and so for his brother's birthday he got him to leave a voicemail wishing him Happy Birthday from Tiger Ninestein on the show!

The ribbing of the Japanese character's accent and the extremely camp zeroid '101', and Sergeant Major Zero voiced by Windsor Davies are a bit incongruous with modern kids' shows, so definitely worth checking out.

There's also the poss' of another £2 or 15% off - new / existing cust - through topcashback, making it £3.99 del'd


hmmm might have to just buy this as it is a classic

This was my absolute favourite show as a kid. I already have season one but this price is just too good to resist. I'm trying to get my 3 year old son into it but he's more interested in Thomas Tank :roll:

Just ordered thanks for posting, Can't wait to watch this again:-D

Bought for my kids hope the enjoy it as much as I did

just to update
mine artrived yesterday
my boy and I sat through a couple of episodes
he liked it and it s pretty good compared to what i remember
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