TerraMaster F2-220 NAS - Amazon.fr for £156

TerraMaster F2-220 NAS - Amazon.fr for £156

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SOLD OUT take a look instead QNAP NAS same intel chip lower price https://h…311

Flash sale 50% sold be quick - price includes delivery to UK. comes with UK and EU Plugs - comes with Plex and very well reviewed on Amazon.co.uk. z You may prefer a similar spec QNAP nas also on offer see my other listing hotukdeals.com/dea…453
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Can’t make my mind up.
Sold my old synology 214play and I am after the new ds718 but it’s a lot of £’s.
Don’t really know if I would still be happy with this.
only 100Mb ethernet?
maddogb7 m ago

only 100Mb ethernet?

According to the spec sheet, it's 1000/100/10, so I'm assuming a typo.
Who are TerraMaster?
which is better this or the qnap?
Great deal, appears to have expired though I think
100 MEGAbytes is one GiGAbit. Was just about to slag this off for having a non-x86 cpu.. Having an x86 cpu means a whole load of linux etc apps become much easier to convert for it...
Just "la tête haute" the newer? d2-310 is available for approx 10euro more (or LESS) on same site
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Do they mean aluminium alloy?
Shows as 259 EUR - so it's over?
(bit late to the thread)
I have one of these with two WD Red 6TB drives in it and it works perfectly.
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