Terraria - ( Xbox 360 ) - Amazon - £10.85

Terraria - ( Xbox 360 ) - Amazon - £10.85

Found 4th Jul 2014
Console Edition - Content & features; Console specific control system, a friendly crafting/item interface and a bespoke tutorial world allow you to experience Terraria at its best; Online multiplayer is easier than ever before - up to 8 players!; Split-screen multiplayer 2-4 players; Additional content includes New Enemies and Final Boss as well as Ultimate Weapons, new Armours and Pets never seen before!; New music from Terraria's original composer; World-Map - helps you navigate your Terraria world a little easier;


Seems a tad expensive....

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Cheap for the console version.


Seems a tad expensive....

Pretty sure this has been 8 quid or less to download a few times.

The PC version plays on my 6.5 yr old laptop ie. doesn't take much to run so I'd recommend it instead.
Controlling the mining and block placement is a lot more accurate than in the console versions, a lot less fiddly.
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