Terratec NOXON iRadio Cube - £59.99 @ Play
Terratec NOXON iRadio Cube - £59.99 @ Play

Terratec NOXON iRadio Cube - £59.99 @ Play

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@ the cold voters. This is not a glorified alarm clock, well, except that it is.

I currently have a Terratec Noxon iRadio, which I use to stream my mp3 collection to the hi-fi via a Twonkymedia server installed on a NAS. I decided I needed another iRadio and came across the cube on clearance at Play for £79.99.This has now dropped to £59.99, and is imho an excellent little device.


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The Internet radio with 2.1 sound.With the NOXON iRadio Cube, the entire world of today's radio comes to your door. Simply by pressing a button, you can listen to over 11,000 Internet stations from around the globe. Forget bland mass-market radio; the variety is simply endless. Whether it be your favourite station from your old hometown, exclusive Internet offerings of an in-demand station from another continent or commercial-free online radio from fans to fans-there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. With such an extensive choice, a clearly arranged sorting system according to country and genre helps. Once you have found some personal favourites, they can be stored on programme keys and easily retrieved later. The best part is that the computer can stay completely shut off. So that you do not need a stack of devices in your house apartment, the NOXON iRadio Cube can, of course, also receive regular FM radio (with RDS).

However, there is even more out there to listen to, such as podcasts, pre-recorded features about an extremely wide variety of topics from the worlds of entertainment, politics and culture. Other offerings include radio programs and dramas available for listening at any time. The clearly arranged directory helps here too. Never again will you miss the most recent episode of your favourite comedy, the latest news bulletin from global finance capitals or any of the over 4,000 other offerings from around the world. Give it a try, there's so much to discover!

You want to listen to music from your hard drive? No problem. The NOXON iRadio Cube is a versatile network player and brings the music stored on your PC or Mac everywhere in your home, very easily and without the need for any cables. Of course, in this case-but only in this case-the computer must be on. On the NOXON iRadio Cube, simply choose the desired title from your music library. For technology fans: This naturally also applies for a Network Attached Storage (NAS).

For music fans with a spirit of discovery, the NOXON iRadio Cube also offers a wide variety of exciting music portals. Whether Napster, Musicload, classical.com, besonic.com, Aupeo! or one of the other services-after a quick setup, you can select and play back the music right on the display of the stylish little unit. Intelligent software ensures that you can easily discover music you love with automatically generated playlists and suggestions from other listeners. Basically, all services have a 30-day trial period, after which the test period ends automatically and without the risk of hidden costs. If you have found a service you really like, in most cases, monthly fees are incurred for additional use.

Regardless of what you are listening to, there is a 2.1 loudspeaker system integrated into the high-quality, piano lacquer finish casing that provides great sound for your listening pleasure. And when the party really gets going at home, connect up the loudspeakers or even go all out with a HiFi system using a line-out port. Security and compatibility are always top priority. All current music formats (including DRM10 for downloaded songs from Musicload and other providers), WLAN standards and encryption formats (WEP, WPA, WPA2) are supported. To keep pace with future developments in technology, the automatic updates of the device always keep you on the cutting edge!

I am a huge radio fan. I love this. But can I justify another radio? Good price for internet radio.

Thanks for that heat added good output too :thumbsup: I've been looking for a cheap internet radio and I think this fits the bill.

What is the sound quality like? Don't forget there's Quidco to be had through Play,:)

Is it possible to connect this to the reciva network? + this is wifi isn' it?

Out of Stock.

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Can't comment on the sound quality of this unit as it's due to be delivered today, (will update later) but the sound quality of the Noxon iRadio I have is decent although I mostly have it connected via the hi-fi.

It is wi-fi, and the internet radio stations are provided by vtuner vtuner.com/. I'm not sure whether reciva works, you may be able to find more information here: my-noxon.net/


Out of Stock.

Pity, not surprised though as it was an excellent price, they probably only had a few left in stock.

I'm still going to try and buy it:) here's hoping they find some stock for me

The Noxons are fine so long as you use a wired connection. They're totally unreliable with wireless connections.

I bought my iRadio from ToysRUS a few years ago for £20! Just thought I'd boast a little...

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I have both the Noxon iRadio and the original Noxon Audio. I've never experienced any connection problems over wi-fi.
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