Terry Thomas Collection £3.99 Delivered @ Play.com

Terry Thomas Collection £3.99 Delivered @ Play.com

Found 14th Mar 2009Made hot 14th Mar 2009
Good Price-Next best is £11.99 @ HMV

The three films in this Terry Thomas Collection--The Naked Truth, Too Many Crooks and Make Mine Mink--are each an unalloyed delight from beginning to end. Though produced on slim budgets they possess witty scripts by Michael Pertwee, deft direction in two instances by Mario Zampi, inventive music scores and marvellous casts featuring two generations of British actors, from Athene Seyler to a young Kenneth Williams. Individually and as an ensemble these players are a pleasure to watch. But of course Terry Thomas, the catalyst of the collection, runs the gamut with a plethora of facial expressions, body language and verbal repartee that contribute so much to the unbuttoned joy of each film.

In the earliest of them, The Naked Truth (1957), TT plays a dodgy peer of the realm being blackmailed in the company of Peter Sellers, Peggy Mount and Shirley Eaton by a gutter press journalist, Dennis Price ("Don't try to appeal to my better nature, because I haven't one"). The moments of slapstick are brought off to a tee as when the larger-than-life Peggy Mount attempts a suicide drop from her window to be saved by an awning on a shop front.

Too Many Crooks (1959) has TT being blackmailed once again, this time for the hoards he's stashed away as a renowned tax dodger. Look out for the very funny court scene, where TT makes three appearances on separate charges, before a bemused magistrate, John Le Mesurier.

Make Mine Mink (1960), the odd one out in this collection, was adapted from a West End stage farce, Breath of Spring. TT leads a gang of middle-aged biddies who decide to brighten up "the dullness of the tea time of life", by staging a series of robberies on furriers, then donating the proceeds to charitable concerns. The splendid cast includes Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams.


Classic British comedy - giveaway price - ordered. Thank you.

not for me without school for scoundrels, but a good find

Absolute steal at this price-ordered!

If you bought all three DVDs separately it would just under £14.....

Hellloooooo! Amazing price!


Thanks for posting this! Looks a good price

No 'School For Scoundrels'?


superb boxset bought this a while back and and all the films are really good

this is proper British comedy

as a "grew up on sunday lunch british films" kinda person (those of a certain age will remember the 3 channels of choice) ..TT rocks! ...Heat!

Shame he died in such abject poverty!

Brilliant find & mine is ordered, can't wait to relax & view these.

Thanx for the posting.

thanks hot deal

"I say, anybody who doesn't buy this is an absolute shower!"

I have this set - excellent films. Bargain at this price.

Vintage :thumbsup:

Excellent little set of DVD's, have seen them years ago as a kid. I am starting to get all these kind of films on dvd at the mo so a welcome find. Thanks

Should be "Terry-Thomas", but still a good deal

Great post, just ordered mine, thanks.

Terry Thomas only ever played Terry Thomas.But it was a great act.
These films are from an age when you didn't have to say F*** to get a laugh.
Superb characters, especially Peter Sellers in "The Naked Truth"
Bought this set about four years ago.For a lot more.
Sit back and enjoy British comedy at its best.

Great movies, bought this set years ago when it first came out. Terry-Thomas was one of the best.

Great movies but out of stock.

glad I got in early!
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