Terry's Chocolate Orange £1 @ The Co-op from Wednesday

Terry's Chocolate Orange £1 @ The Co-op from Wednesday

Found 4th Nov 2013
National offer on Terry's Chocolate Orange for £1 starts Wednesday. Might just be the standard orange flavour (if that makes sense!) but they do sometimes add the other versions too on the day.
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These have been a pound in many places over the past month or two.

Hot! ... A £1 choc orange is good however often they do it.
These have been in Asda for a quid for months
It's £1 in Sainsbury too
At last!! The Co op has joined in the fun!!
Co-op are bit slow joining the £1 orange, i have already bought my xmas stash.
The cooperative have done this offer every other week for a few months now. Aswell as having matchmakers for £1 a few weeks ago.
Yeah think you must have caught some chocolate orange lovers when you posted this, i think you'll find it's £1 in Asda, sainsbury's (both can be confirmed online) and probably most other places have put them down for the Christmas chocolate orange rush of 2013.
Superdrug too.
I freeze mine
Was in co op today and they were already £1. So doesnt start wednesday.
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