Terry's Chocolate Orange £1.00 Premier Stores

Terry's Chocolate Orange £1.00 Premier Stores

Found 5th Oct 2017
As in title, Terry's Chocolate Orange £1.00 nationwide.
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Some harsh colding here methinks. The £1 Superdrug deal went hot. This is however 3 for £2 at Tesco so that may explain the chill marxmia.
I voted hot, as can always pay for 2 and skillfully dribble one around the till under the cashiers nose
....... plus they are super yummy!!
Pretty sure no one on here has paid more than a pound in the last few years.
Tesco has finished it seems. Stocked up a bit on that. Almost always £1 somewhere but still useful to know where at any time.
I thought they were chocolate satsumas these days

NIce, thanks op
Tbh sick of seeing this "on offer" at £1. £1 is normal price. If it's more than that it's just supermarkets being greedy charging more than it's worth.
Ah well, one can only try. No doubt it someone happy (hopefully lol)
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