Terry's Chocolate Orange 79p Asda (instore and Online)
Terry's Chocolate Orange 79p Asda (instore and Online)

Terry's Chocolate Orange 79p Asda (instore and Online)

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Terry's chocolate Orange's are 79p at Asda - Yum!


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there not terry's , there mine !!! always wanted to say that !!!! X)

tesco should be ashamed its £2.75 or something!!

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I was a die hard tesco fan not long ago, but recently Asda have been completely whooping them on price and quality.

I couldn't tell you that face to face, because I'm currently stuffing a terry's chocolate orange into my face.


Nice one, might just take the dog for a long walk tomorrow all the way to Asda, and then replenish all the calories I've just walked off by scoffing a chocolate orange

Just back from Asda in Dundee and pretty sure there was no roll back there and they were still £2

Instore at this price in Asda Twickenham (yum yum yum)

OMG, my mate owes me a fiver!

YUM! Thanks


Is it john terrys

I really should vote this cold.

Last time there was an offer like this I ended up with about 20 of them, and they're not made for sharing.

Took ages to work off all the extra calories.

Shall buy a couple to stick down my shirt...


i went in asda today and they are £2

Was going to post earlier, plenty in Aberdeen beach store.

£2 in Derby asda

mmm y not , u lot dont worry about the price you just pick it up and say this is 79p they are on offer then theyl deal with it plus it could be that they have not change the price tags from £2 to 79p so relax…

79p in Wakefield Asda go 2 one for Terry and one for me!!

still £2 in asda gorseinon friday but i'll check as going back there today. Hot if you can get them!


hot. 79p in asda llanelli. bought three. almost as cheap as an orange. skills. heat added

Still £2 at my local boo hoo

Bargain, just grabbed 3 from the new Melksham branch.

£2 in plymouth store as well. Wish I had just picked one up and tried scanning at till to see how much it came out as.

Not bad but not as hot as when Argos paid us to take them off their hands


Hot. Nice of you to share.

Gone up a little bit to £1 now
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