Terry's Chocolate Orange 99p at Home Bargains ( 175 g )

Terry's Chocolate Orange 99p at Home Bargains ( 175 g )

Found 28th Apr 2012
Terrys Chocolate Orange 99p at Homebargains - assume national - plenty of stock in local store.


Ooooh yummy! i love the new popping candy ones too! Thanks for posting catswhiskers, will pop into my local hb's tomorrow

It's not Terrys ...

Slap it, tap it....unwrap it....nom nom nom nom.......

Same price at B&M

Just ate my last one from the Tesco glitch in September last year. I'm sick of them now!

Watch out for short dates. I saw some there recently and bbd was may 2012 i think.x

tast like lard

more chocs,still gotta get through the easter eggs yet

Still sick of these after the Tesco f@ck up

You might find some superficial damage to the box, but the chocolate’s perfectly edible. I’ve given them to all the ladies I know aged fifty and under. Over fifty just seems sarcastic.

Pyramid time


tast like lard

Yeah, these are one of the many chocolates that just taste of hard, room temperature butter to me.Receive email updates for replies
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