Terrys Chocolate Orange cracking hazelnut @ Sainsburys 51p

Terrys Chocolate Orange cracking hazelnut @ Sainsburys 51p

Found 2nd Jan 2009Made hot 2nd Jan 2009
Just come back from our local Wakefield store and they were selling these at 51p. There was still plenty left on the shelves.
Couldn't find it on there web site so might just be selected stores.


Aye loads left in the Cheshire Oaks store, got 4 today.

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Thats the trouble i can't resist owt that's a bargin.
Bang goes the new year diet

I need some of these - now!

Just got back from Sainsburys, and they also had HipFlask/Wallets sets for £2.50, Lindt Reindeers @ 60p, Liquers etc etc all marked down too.


ooh want to try these

They also had the Chocolate Orange Minty at the Colton store for the same price.

yup they have these at the whitechapel branch too.. sum of the 'dark chocolate' ones left too... and the flask thingies mentioned already.. bought 2.. love em

i got some in hempstead valley today

and some thorntons chocs for £1.26 ish!

lots of 75% off chocs atMonksCross, York.
Toblerone's down to 81p from £3.25. Just peel off the extra christmas wrapper to reveal the normal packaging

nice ....heat and rep added

Got one in Oldham today, however, they were marked as full price on the shelf (normal choccy aisle), only when they scanned did they come up as 51p! Yay!
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