Terrys Chocolate Orange Milk 157g @ ASDA/Morrisons - £1

Terrys Chocolate Orange Milk 157g @ ASDA/Morrisons - £1

Found 20th Oct 2017
Everyone's favourite fusion of Chocolate & Orange for £1, always better than paying £2 for it which is the normal price for this. Both Morrisons and ASDA have it for a pound.


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Yum 😋 🔥
have been 99p at Aldi for weeks. Bought another yesterday.
Aren't these always £1..
Standard offer price - buy now before they shrink them again to keep them in the pound shop price range!
aajax422 h, 21 m ago

have been 99p at Aldi for weeks. Bought another yesterday.

Thanks aajax42 here I come.
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These are always available in Poundland. For one pound.
If you have actually tasted them recently you'll know not to bother.
Also 99p in Lidl too...
The *only* time I would ever consider buying these is if they are £2 or more in Asda. Helps me to spend Asda Price Guarantee vouchers far more easily that way and gets more money back on the next voucher. Far better than £1 Asda versus £1 Morrisons and hopeless 10p towards the voucher - hardly worth printing! Apart from the fact they've been downsized from 175g to 157g (as if people might not notice something like that as easily), I would avoid them at £1 as I'm now scrambling around to find the extra £1 to spend on something else to make up the value of my voucher spend and that extra unnecessary-when-Terry's-were-£2 £1 item will not give 100% of its value back, unlike the £1 overpayment on £2 Terry's versus Tesco at £1 before. In any event, even if anyone should want these at straight £1 from Asda (rather than 10% off £1 competitor's price, unless you already have 10% colleague discounts), they would be best keeping them off their main shop entirely and buying them, and indeed all other rollbacks, on a separate shop as this will very likely increase the chances of a guarantee voucher back on the main shop. It's the rollbacks that often reduce or remove the vouchers from coming back - usually they are much more expensive elsewhere and, where they are same price usually not 10% cheaper as a competitor, like now on these Terry's, basically you've reduced your main shop to being a comparison against Morrisons only (everywhere else on the price guarantee much more expensive) and need good items against Morrisons, whereas keeping this off your shop (as long as you have at least 8 different items that are in stock on asda.com on your shop) gives a chance for versus Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose to trigger a voucher that they would have less chance of having with a bad comparison on Terry's at £1 versus higher prices, even if you lose the 10p against Morrisons - I'd also avoid all other rollbacks as they might remove chance of voucher against Morrisons by being much more expensive in Morrisons (and probably elsewhere too) - buy them separately and avoid buying the 5 for £3 cup soup offer - buy 4 only of Heinz against Tesco for same price (plus the 10% off that I nearly always get), more spend and more back. I realise that my way of shopping will be in a tiny minority, but the majority way of shopping will not win as supermarkets are aware of what it is and tailor their promotions to maximise the money they make from us by the way the majority of people shop.
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