Terrys Chocolate Orange Sensations for £3.17 at Morrisons

Terrys Chocolate Orange Sensations for £3.17 at Morrisons

Found 15th Oct 2008
Was in Morrisons this evening and saw the 672g box of terry's chocolate orange sensations for £3.17 each, the smaller chocolate oranges where £3.40 so this is a steal!

Good for xmas presents or just a present for yourself!

Saw this in Morrisons Wimbledon, so not sure if its nationwide, or how long it will last!


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Why so cold!?

I bought a couple of Chocolate Oranges at Netto very recently for £1.50 each. £3.40 is exorbitant, and £3.17 for the Sensations doesn't sound quite so amazing in that context either.

I was hoping for a repeat of last year's 2 for £2.50 I paid at one point in the run up to Xmas, but I am not holding my breath!

I saw the chocolate oranges in WH Smith for £1.50 last week so if you are after one it might be worth a trip.

These aren't the chocolate oranges though!

i thought these were called Segsations or maybe that was an old gimmick
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