Tesco 100% Peanut Butter 280G £1.50

Tesco 100% Peanut Butter 280G £1.50

Found 3rd Jan 2018
Tesco are now selling their own 100% nuts peanut butter. Crunchy & smooth.

Expertly roasted and milled for a natural flavour.
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That's the normal price.
It’s not on offer but compared to the branded 100% peanut spreads this is a very good price!!
Saw this in there the other day and liked the look of the packaging design, however wasnt so keen on the colour. Isn't it funny how most food companies dye our food and to us it looks normal but when its natural colours, it looks wrong! Will give this a try next time though xx
Not on offer but it excellent for the price. I now use this instead of miridian
Heat Love me some pb
Tesco also have 1kg tubes of Whole Earth on offer for £5 at the moment.
Bought a jar of the smooth a few weeks ago.......disgusting! Very oily, loose texture right through the whole jar and a strange taste, really not nice to eat at all, I ended up throwing it away. I’ll stick to Whole Earth. Seems you get what you pay for!
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Not nice tbh, wouldn't buy again. I prefer Meridian.
The smooth is way too runny, even after stirring.
No Tesco near me... after trying Lidl and Aldi's, I settled on ASDA Whole peanut butter (has skin left on).. has a small amount of palm oil in it but it's all good. They add salt too but it's sea salt so all good there too.
I'm returning it after I bought it the other day, it really is disgusting, total PR con. Any normal non-fancy palm oil peanut butter is a lot better.

Recommend Manilife if you want nothing but nuts, not widely available in stores but you can order direct and a lot more expensive but really good and not bad on price compared to any other good stuff.
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