Tesco 1.5L Rapid Boil Black Kettle only £5.50

Tesco 1.5L Rapid Boil Black Kettle only £5.50

Found 5th Oct 2017
Well priced kettle

The Tesco JKRBP13 rapid-boil jug kettle features a smart, traditional design in black. With a 1.5L capacity and 3kW heating element, you can save time thanks to this electric kettle.

Easy to use
The concealed heating element makes cleaning easier thanks to a smooth surface that can be wiped clean. The removable limescale filter extends the life of your Tesco kettle and stops particles getting into your hot drink.

Safety features
This white kettle is equipped with a safely locking lid. There is a water-level window and a 360-degree base, making the rapid-boil kettle perfect for both right- and left-handed users.

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Great price @idontflycathay - the same kettle is £13.50 on Tesco Direct. It has some * excellent reviews
Edited by: "sigma" 5th Oct 2017
It says minimum basket charge £4.00 if under £40 so works out at £9.50 no thank you cold from me
Edited by: "feckineejit" 5th Oct 2017
This has put me off Tesco click and collect if you get charged £4 extra if the item you are buying is less than £40 . COLD from me .
feckineejit2 h, 45 m ago

It says minimum basket charge £4.00 if under £40 so works out at £9.50 no t …It says minimum basket charge £4.00 if under £40 so works out at £9.50 no thank you cold from me

This is from the groceries side of Tesco, not Tesco Direct, so presumably you should just be able to walk into your local store and buy it off the shelf assuming they've still got them in stock where you are. (If they haven't I doubt you'll be able to order them online anyway.)
Thanks. Picked up one of two left in Dunstable store.
Expired not available
I got one in Irvine today. They had plenty of them
got one ages back for the whopping full price of £11 and must say i like it - blue led lights up the 'window' when on so you can see the boiling and the water level, push button lid, quick to boil, no exposed filament and best of all 360 degree base which is darn convenient. bit hard to praise a kettle but it looks good and has numerous small practical improvements on your standard white boiler.
I honestly bought one 2 days ago!
Think it was £13
I'm a bit annoyed :-)
Just bought one today 6th October at Tesco Kennington (London) - about 6 on shelf.

Bought yesterday - prescot liverpool - 5 on shelf - treating my staff in work
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