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Tesco £1.99 Three Mills bottles of wine promotion-rose, white, red so 6 bottles = £11.43!!
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Tesco £1.99 Three Mills bottles of wine promotion-rose, white, red so 6 bottles = £11.43!!

Posted 16th Apr 2009Available: National

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Tesco have a lovely wine on offer for just £1.99 for a full bottle in either red, rose or white.
Its called Three Mills.
Just been shopping and quickly saw it and friends say its nice for the price.
So 6 bottles @ £1.99=11.94-5% for buying 6 bottles = @£11.43!!
Cant sniff at that.

I cant find it online so it must be just an instore promotion for the Wine festival.
I found it at the front of the store on a big stand and there were loads of it in Durham.
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Rated hot. Hopefully it does taste nice though lol :P.
Not being funny or anything but with VAT, packaging, transport etc the wine in that bottle must be verging on de-icer.......... gotta go though. Tesco calling!
If it is the one I saw in Tesco yesterday as a Special Buy it was only 8% alcohol. So in percentage terms of alcohol it is about the same price as a normal bottle on the 3 for £10 offer.

If it is the one I saw in Tesco yesterday as a Special Buy it was only 8% … If it is the one I saw in Tesco yesterday as a Special Buy it was only 8% alcohol.

So what if its only 8%....start with a good bottle....then start on this and you wont know the difference!! OK for the price.Funny how some people pay £3.50 upwards for a cheap bottle of house wine in a bar or restaurant and it tastes like vinegar:roll: sometimes!!
Maybe so, but if you dont have £10 to pay for 3 bottles and on a tight budget and dont want to get totally sloshed, then £6 for 3 bottles is great by me...about the same as one of the 342 bottles on its own!!
I was merely trying to explain why it could be cheaper. I did consider it when I was in but had no recommendations of it. I had gone in hoping to find some of the New Zealand £9.99 bottles which were 3 for £10. Now that was worth a punt on if they had it. We drink a bottle with a meal and funnily enough don't get totally sloshed.
Was it nottage hill?

Was it nottage hill?

No not Nottage Hill.

No not Nottage Hill.

Gutted was hoping it was as my gf loves that n i couldve really got in her good books if i went home with a couple of bottles of that lol
Wine bottles are 75 cl.
Its Three Mills - English wine about 8% - has anybody tried it?? May be of use for summer punch.
I went last night to have a look and yes it is three mills.
My mrs is a bit of a wine connoisseur n said it's crap lol.
Just her opinion mind u so feel free 2 try it urselves lol.
it was disgusting I really mean it D I S G U S T I N G . I thought id be a bit open minded a give UK wine a try do yourself a favour and avoid at all cost - It was just swill I pored it away life is too short to drink bad wine
This wine is very good for the price they do a White,Rose & Red, I have tried them all and have bought more bottles, they do keep running out at Tesco which means lots of people are buying it.
I liked it that much I could not wait until Tesco had more so I went straight to the makers of the wine if any is interested its Broadland Wineries in Norwich web site [url]www.broadland-wineries.com[/url] Tel: 01603 872474
Well worth the price & its nice to see a British wine..
I also bought Perry & Fruit Wine. Pity they don't do Cider though...!
Well we bought a bottle of this red plonk today from Asda and have just had my first few swigs. Well I dont usually like red wine of any type but this is very fuity slighty sweet without any of the acidy/oaky after taste that other reds tend to have. It is only 8% proof but I really like it, I should think it would go well with tomato based dishes or just on its own. Well worth a go even if you dont like it you've only wasted two quid. I am going to go back for a couple of extra bottles.
It was terrible if that's all you can afford don't bother and save your money. Totally rubbish
A fruity wine ,we had Reserve Rose 11% vol ,it left a very pleasant after taste ,it was a Christmas gift and we had it with cheese ,biscuits and black olives, affordability doesn't come in to it ,As previous comments have explained, it is sold in Asda and Tesco and having other more expensive wines as gifts , this was BETTER, We were amazed that it was a British wine..
Won a bottle of 3mills red as 2nd prize in a raffle. It's horrible does not taste like wine at all. It tastes more like week Ribena.

Daughter brought this the other day when visiting not a fan usually of white as a red drinker.Was surprised as it is wonderful very tasty great .Buysome I Am.
Yes ... I enjoy it very much I will only get it from Asda which is 11% Reserve wine .. I've bought in the past expensive wines from Tesco's and it taste like **** some of them .
We have been drinking three mills namely reserve and Merlot both we find very drinkable. Also on sale at Home Bargains
Just tried the three falls reserve red , a British wine if you look on the bottle,look closer and it is made from Imported
grape Juice. So much for British
It is a good wine even if it is low alcohol
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