Tesco - 2 bottles of Pepsi (2L) for 26p! all kinds (plus cookies)
Tesco - 2 bottles of Pepsi (2L) for 26p! all kinds (plus cookies)

Tesco - 2 bottles of Pepsi (2L) for 26p! all kinds (plus cookies)

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Just nipped to tesco on the way home from work to pick a few bits up.
they have Pepsi (all kinds) 2L bottles for the usual "2 for £2.30" offer.
However, they also have leaflets everywhere with coupons inside for 75% off Pepsi,Ristorante Pizza and Maryland Cookies.
this makes the Pepsi 34p a bottle, the Pizza 54p each and the cookies 19p a pack.

thing is, when the pepsi goes through the till, it knocks off the saving for "2 for £2.30" THEN reduced the price making 2 bottles 26p.

I asked the guy if I could get more than one and he said "one coupon per item" and handed me a stack of leaflets.
I bought 20 pepsi's and 20 packs of cookies, gave the guy all the coupons and it cost a grand total of £6.40!!

p.s. Coupon says in-store only, ends 05/02/08


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That looks like a very tidy deal:thumbsup:

guess where i'm going tomorrow ;-)

worth noting from there you also get the clubcard points on the original price so approx £1.20 worth of clubcard deals. small potatoes but (sit down for this) every little helps...

ahh, beaten to it with the pun

Is this nationwide? Hope so, as sent OH out now B4 they close!!!!! [ he was going out anyway to collect daughter!] Bet our store won't give out many vouchers!!! Voted hot

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there was a brown box of leaflets sat on the floor behind the boxes of cookies in my store.
You'll know if the offer is in your store as the front of store will have pallets of pepsi out. But they only advertise the 2 for 2.30 deal on the actual pallets.

Thanks for this,om my way to work will check for these in store...

Excellent deal but not a coupon to be had in my local store. Think there all on Ebay!!!!

No Leaflets In Our Store [Whitfield] :x They say the Offer isn't on In there. guess it's because they are the only supermarket for 14 miles, they don't need to try to keep customers :cry:

How did you guess Daisy76, check it out there are some listed!!!!! silly really as they run out on the 5th Feb. They have 29 leaflets available!!!! Some people will do anything.:x

my god you are going to be hamming into some amount of cookies

great deal, will check it out

in my store today they had lots of these leaflets at the tils, and my SA was handing them to customers as they went through his till. I will have to go tescoing over the next few days.

OP on a seperate note I would have blanked out my clubcard number on the receipt too.

Welshy x

this is a good one, i took the kids with me and they grabbed alot of the leaflets out of the baskets and trollies! our fridge is full of pizza now and you can,t walk into the kitchen for pepsi bottles! but a good deal thanks.

None in our Tesco unfortunately but a great deal for those that got it.

Pepsi actually works out at 13p a bottle after £1.02 is taken off and the multibuy discount comes off. Thread about this on moneysaving expert........doesnt look like a lot of stores have got the leaflets.

Excellent deal - dentists always need more patients!

we went to the store in grimsby and i bought 15 bottles and was charged 2.50, my partner bought 12 and was charged 1.50! making the bottles about 13p each although he got the better deal?
we went to the one in cleethorpes and they didnt have the offer there so i dont think its in all stores



anyway to know if my local tesco do this offer before going? I wouldnt want to waste a trip.....

pepsi is not a patch on coke!


pepsi is much nicer than coke

pepsi all the way MAX of course.

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I have to admit I don't mind between Zero and Max.
at 13p a bottle vs £1.45 a bottle.....I know my choice this time!

was going to post this deal, we got 5 of each all in 1 go last week the offer is 1 coupon per product and runs out on the 5th February so try get as many leaflets as possible :thumbsup:


Excellent deal - dentists always need more patients!

thats why op got pepsi max.
tastes better imho

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I agree Max is the tastiest pepsi in the UK

Got mine mid-week. Can confirm that if you buy in multiples of 2, you will only pay 13pence per bottle.
An employee collared me on the way out saying I'd bought " your limit of those".
There's no restriction printed on the voucher, so if you can find the vouchers use them before they expire.

As for the old "COKE v PEPSI" taste difference, it's all tosh. Especially at this price.

Shame its all junk on offer :x Still a good deal but its easy to see why as a nation we are getting so unhealthy. This deal makes pepsi cheaper than water :w00t:

Tis a great deal, but barely any stores actually seem to have any of the vouchers. I've not seen any

£6.40 on Pepsi & Cookies = £166.40 at the dentist.
Enjoy the munching tho

Does no one mind that the food is absolute junk?

cant grumble with that, good find!!

I went in to my local store and got some of these gr8 buys.Stocks are limited.

If you cannot see any of these leaflets out ask at the customer service desk. My nearest store have plenty of coupons but limited stock.
Get them in before tuesday.

Th3 Ripper;1536924

Does no one mind that the food is absolute junk?

Unfortunately, that's the way the supermarkets seem to work - most of the promos they run are for unhealthy products. I guess the initial discounts come from the manufacturer.

Hint hint ????? ;



Hint hint ????? ;

Spoilsport. LOL


Unfortunately, that's the way the supermarkets seem to work - most of the … Unfortunately, that's the way the supermarkets seem to work - most of the promos they run are for unhealthy products. I guess the initial discounts come from the manufacturer.

Quite the opposite. Major supermarkets, especially Tesco, bully their suppliers into discounting their own goods, so that the suppliers make little if any money on their own products. They basically say "Do what we say or you lose our business." It's a modern-day protection racket. There's only ever one winner with these deals - Tesco.

I recommend this book thoroughly!


Did you know, for instance, that statistically whenever a Tesco opens and they boast about, say, creating 300 jobs, the knock-on effect of that in the surrounding area is that 450 jobs are lost elsewhere? And then when those 150 people who become unemployed can no longer afford to buy decent food, where do they need to end up in order to survive? Yep, Tesco - the very reason they're out of a job in the first place.

Plaease can you tell me which stores actually have these leaflets i havent found 1 thanks

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this thread makes me giggle. Its cheap pop.
We've had the pepsi coke debate. The superior tooth clan and the evil corporation posts.
Chill out. Relax. Have a pepsi

Plenty of these coupons in Tesco Goole last night.
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