Tesco 2 Section stainless steel recycling bin 30L reduce to £17.47

Tesco 2 Section stainless steel recycling bin 30L reduce to £17.47

Found 2nd Oct 2008Made hot 2nd Oct 2008
This stainless steel dustbin features 2 sections to easily separate your recycling. This bin features a flat back to fit easily against walls and a removable inner bin so can be easily cleaned.

£20-£5 off voucher plus order tesco sim card to have it delivered free or you can collect from store if over £25.
Not to bad for 30L stainless steel also recycling lol


These bins are £25-£30 in Matalan at the moment. Has anyone seen them cheaper?

great deal H n R given :thumbsup:

Darn, I was going to put similar deal but at Morrisons (but obviously too slow). Saw the same bin instore for £18 (or £17.99), this is their normal price. This is a great find tho

It ain't very big?


It ain't very big?

I'm not a fan of the big bins with days worth of rotting rubbish in them.

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is this 30L per side or 30L total ?

if it's 30L total then it would be useless for us :?

Recycle it.

30 cm high, 40cm or so across. Couple of small peddle bins stuck together

I Don't believe it! I paid £30 for this in Argos just a week ago. I totally agree with Captain hook. I used to have a huge bin with rotting rubbish in. Sunday dinners were the worst. But with the removable compartments you can quickly whip them out and empty it quickly. Gutted I didn't save though

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would it be too small, can someone who has it tell me, before mine got delivered tomorrow?
'cause i don;t want it too small. is the size mentioned on the website for each compartment?
ie: depth 48cm for each compartment?

just ordered 1 for £15 with staff discount yay!:thumbsup:
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