Tesco 25L 900w combi microwave £50 instore

Tesco 25L 900w combi microwave £50 instore

Found 2nd Jul 2014
Found this in Tesco Wigan. 2 left on the shelf but no price. Checked on Tesco Direct it is currently £100 (although it says it's 850w) but checked at till and scanned at £50. Model is a TFMC2512 but receipt shows 2514. Spec on box shows 900w microwave, 2400w convection oven, 1400w grill.
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Very good find. I bought a similar one (not as good) last year for 70 quid and that was a steal
picked one up today from Hermiston Gait in Edinburgh. Thanks
Thisll be the wildest goose chase ever concieved

Thisll be the wildest goose chase ever concieved

Why? It's a markdown on a regular stock Tesco microwave and one which looks like it's national as someone else has already purchased one.
I've just got one in Stevenage town centre Tesco.
Just picked up one from tesco Horwich... 1 still left
Not marked down in Corby still £100 very disappointed!!!
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Looked in several stores Tesco Baguely, Altrincham, Stretford and Sale

Only Stretford had them and they were £100, so this is definitely store specific.
Picked one up at Tesco Wembley Extra for £50 last month during the PS/XBOX Games clubcard offer
Just picked one up from the Wembley Extra store, last one according to the staff. How deep is this thing, I got a Panasonic combination around Christmas time but this is 8cm deeper than the Panasonic. It's for my holiday home so will do as a microwave that will hardly get used.

EDIT: I've just unpacked this and what's stated on the outside of depth 48cm looks to me to be wrong, taking the big bulge at the back into account it's only around 44cm in depth. One gripe which may annoy some people is the door only opens 90 degrees and the grill elements of which there are 2, 1 at the back and 1 top are exposed so may pose a problem when it comes to cleaning but for £50 you can't really grumble. This oven makes my Panasonic combi in white which cost me around £150 look like an ugly stepson

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£100 in Leicester scanned and checked two stores, shame theses report as being good value :-) well done if you got one
Down to £25 now in beeston store!
Does someone know what is the price of this microwave in Liverpool?
My Tesco MG208 Microwave stopped heating yesterday.. just over a year of use
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