Tesco £3 Meal Deal with (£3.49) Innocent Super Smoothie 750ml instore & online

Tesco £3 Meal Deal with (£3.49) Innocent Super Smoothie 750ml instore & online

Found 3rd Jun 2017
I saw this In Tesco Metro Canterbury. The drink wasn't in the sandwich aisle but they moved it when I asked if it was supposed to be in the deal? Maybe it's a mistake? So you might have to go look down the juices aisle. Super Smoothie Berry Protein was the only flavour in the bigger size bottles included. Should be nationwide...
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It's already couple of week included in meal deal.
good deal, i will get one , really high in sugar though if you are bothered.
Hmmm someone did explain to me the 'bad sugar' smoothie thing, as I drank it and ate a wispa duo.
Good sugar, bad sugar blah blah Boll#x
Sugar is sugar. simple.

Just run


Good sugar, bad sugar blah blah Boll#xSugar is sugar. simple.

Just run 10 minutes longer
I tried to get this deal but it didn't work for me a week or so ago when I want to the self checkouts and had to get staff to cancel it all as I was only buying the sandwich/chocolate as it was silly not to. I cab only guess it wasn't on the system at the time or the wrong one. I think I had the non-protein variant that someone had put back on the wrong shelf.
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Sugar isn't all equal, just like all fats aren't.
The benefit of fruit over other 'food' items such as crisps/sweets/chocolate is that even if you think 'all sugar is sugar' if you eat fruit over the above at least you get other nutrients that are non in the other dead 'foods'.
Simply put I'm confident a piece of fruit is always going to be better than sweets/crisps or chocolate for you.
People need to self educate as your body is the most important thing any being ever 'owns'
It's a shame innocent pasteurise their drinks I believe.
I tried it this morning and it does scan through as the meal deal. Says the offer runs until 17th July.
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Yes it's still going, but they always seem to sell out really quickly. Order more maybe?
Just been shopping, and yes this is still going. They must've only just put a new box out because he shelf was full.
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