Tesco 60 piece Pastry Platter £1.00

Tesco 60 piece Pastry Platter £1.00

Found 19th Apr 2011Made hot 20th Apr 2011
What a bargain!!!! They were £4, then down to £2 and now only £1. I've seen these in a few stores in Belfast so definitely not just at 1 store - nationwide maybe????

16 mini hot dogs
16 tomato & red pepper swirls
14 Cheese & Onion bites
14 ham & cheese bites


(_;) oh love the deal! Heat added! ^^

mmmmmmmmmmm (_;)
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where's the beef?

Great price, nice find!


mmmmmmmmmmm (_;)

..savoury doughnuts!

Bought this when it was £4, the most disgusting thing I think I have ever bought.
I would not get this again if it was free.
That said heat added as its a good drop in price if you like this type of thing.

Stodge and trans fats toughen you up - starting with your arteries.

Anyone buying these should be investigated for potential child abuse.

Yummy, beige

If it only costs a £1 then you must wonder what they actually use to make these.
Potential death hazard.
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Christmas 'party food' leftover stock maybe?
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