Tesco 8cm DVD-R and DVD-RW 3/5-Pack for 1p !!!

Tesco 8cm DVD-R and DVD-RW 3/5-Pack for 1p !!!

Found 16th Jan 2010
First post, so be gentle...

Blister packs of 3 or 5 x 8cm DVD's. Light Blue packs are DVD-R (8x write speed) and Dark Blue packs are DVD-RW (2x write speed) - all slashed from £3.99 to 1p - yes, 1p - even the checkout girl double-checked it!

These discs store 1.4GB of data or about 30mins of film if used in a camcorder.

Not sure if store specific or everywhere, but hopefully others will benefit from this.

This was at my local Tesco Superstore (Coventry Arena).this morning (11 packs for 11p)
These were located on the end aisles, with batteries, 35mm films, etc


Tesco (Hemsworth) had 10 packs of DVD-RW / +RW for £2.49. Plenty of stock left if you cant find the above deal.

Really good deal
but only in store?

I bought these in Tesco Borehamood last week also for 1p. I didn't post the deal as I would imagine at this price you would be very lucky to find any. Good if you can find it though!

Haha wonder how the macs slot drive would handle them hehe
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