april 1st ?
I always go shopping for travel money and airfresheners together - it just makes perfect sense

By the way, for the cheapest travel money use this tool:
Tesco's will do anything to get you through the doors....

i justy bought off travel fx, they beat everyones rates and free delivery over £500

That's a great find, thanks!
you need the airfreshner because you have just **** yourself after discovering just how little sterling is worth
what an amazing marketing concept
Why would you post this? For comedy value I trust?
can the 'deals' on this site get any worse!
They have even stopped giving clubcard points, used to be on amounts over £300.
Buy a can of beans & get a free carrier bag.
typical dingle ;-)
I think this deal stinks,so may be the air freshner might be handy
Obviously Tesco research found free air fresher would tempt the people of Burnley to purchase travel money from them. I expect the research concluded that it was very location specific, and would not work in 99% of the country.
I travelled long-haul next to a passenger who couldn't have had a bath in the previous six months. Perhaps this deal is the result of a comments card I filled out on that flight
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