Tesco air compressor 12V £6.97 from £21 @ Tesco direct (click & collect)

Tesco air compressor 12V £6.97 from £21 @ Tesco direct (click & collect)

Found 21st Mar 2012
You never know when you will need it...

This Tesco 12V air compressor will help you to keep your vehicle tyres at the correct pressures as recommended by the manufacturer.
Powered from the vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter socket, the compressor has a clearly visible pressure gauge and a lock valve stem connector.
The Tesco 12V air compressor is also suitable for recreational inflatables.

Its good for blow up toys to.
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I got this from tesco for £5 just before christmas was on a deal at the time because it went up after but £6.97 is also good.
Why is this cold? seems a good price for a lil compressor, could do with one for my bike so I don't have to ride to petrol stations and pay/realise their compressor has had the end ripped off it
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