Tesco Baked Beans 420g 8p (Stretford Extra Store)

Tesco Baked Beans 420g 8p (Stretford Extra Store)

Found 12th Nov
At Stretford Extra. 8p a tin. Might be store specific.


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Sorry. Can't seem to change photo in app.

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Bit better. Not sure how long the offer has Beans on. 32418935-rVBfp.jpg

Extreme saving. That's it, it's baked beans for the rest of December.

I'm sure fans of Trumpton will be all over this deal.

Just remember. If the duvet rises into the air unexpectedly during the night, it's not a ghost but too many beans at suppertime.

love these too. maybe theyre getting a label change so selling off the old stock?
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