Tesco Basic Black Toilet Seat 75p
Tesco Basic Black Toilet Seat 75p

Tesco Basic Black Toilet Seat 75p

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Tesco Basic toilet seat in black. plenty left reduced from £5 to 75p figured couldn't go wrong at that price. Not sure if national this was Tesco Extra North Shields


This just takes the p***

ok, gives a whole new meant to spending a penny...


This has been posted lots of times,it's been this price for a few months.

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This has been posted lots of times,it's been this price for a few months.

I hadn't seen it posted before, just saw in my local. Must be national then.


Can be used as a cheap chopping board.

Gonna buy one feeling flush, or I may sit it out, heat added

This deal is going to get panned.

Any reviews on this?

Bog standard, heat added


This just takes the p***

that pun was s***
(am i doing it right?)

Sensible colour.



That's exactly the one I bought. It's a great colour for not showing up soils and stains. Heat added.

Or if you're Glen Johnson.....free!

Voting this HOT HOT HOT! not least for the toilet humour it's generated

I'll check out our local store in the morning - might buy a couple if they have some in stock at this price.

these must be crap... but god knows i'm gonna buy 4 if I see them!

Writing comment whilst sitting in one(2)
Standard seat not very strong/sturdy
So you can't sit on with the cover down

Black !!! Ooooo



Very ugly

75p? You're sh*tting me
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Any reviews on this?

The quality of these seats are absolutely rubbish. We bought two last time when they were on offer, they both broke within 2 days.

What a load of crap...
...will be done in this

Absolute bargain, but they remind me of school/public toilet seats oO
We go thru them terrible in our house, always work loose and ya near fly off when attempting to sit down, no matter what hubby does replacing/tightening bolts screws etc within a few goes it's like a flippin fairground ride again
Can anyone recommend a good decent black non moving seat please?..... might be tempted to try and get one of these, prob be better than all our others that cost £20+!
Heat added x

Reading the comments in this thread I am reminded of Baron von Richtofen's words in Blackadder IV-

Ha ha ha! You English and your sense of humour! How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing! For us, it is a mundane and functional item...for you, the basis of an entire culture!

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Any reviews on this?

It isn't great quality but for the price it's fine.
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