TESCO BASICS 4 SLICE TOASTER - £5.50 - instore (Found Annan) @ Tesco

TESCO BASICS 4 SLICE TOASTER - £5.50 - instore (Found Annan) @ Tesco

LocalFound 8th Sep 2017
2785387.jpgMaybe store specific, I've just bought a couple off a pretty big stack in Annan Tesco. Toasting hot!
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5 pounds in wilko
jr2191125 m ago

5 pounds in wilko

Oh right, Never knew Wilko sold Tesco branded products. Is this a new thing?
Save 50p at Wilko, every little helps!

Wilko have lots of back to school and student stuff cheap.
I always heat toasters
Maybe only available in Annan, Scotland?
I'd be pleased to be proved wrong, but the Wilko toaster mentioned in the posts appears to be a 2 slot/2 slice one, whilst this is a fairly similar looking 2 (long) slot/4 slice one.
Our available worksurface space suits this style better than the wider/shorter 4 slot toasters, but I have to say that the construction of this type with its long 'slice support bar' generally isn't very robust, and after a few 'jams' the end of it remote from the handle bends and doesn't lift the toast as well as it should. So we seem to need a new one every two or three years - fortuitously, just about now!

Heat for the deal - even though in other circumstances i would prefer if we could give houseroom to a different design! So let's hope it is not just a one-store offer.
Had a Tesco 4-slice toaster for many years until it died a couple of months ago.

Replaced it with a Russel Hobbs one that the wife said looked nicer. However, there was a problem; it didn't make very good toast! It always burnt the outer edges of the bread and left the inside largely untoasted.

So, after seeing this post, we went up to Tesco to buy what we had before. In my local store they were still £11.00 but we bought one regardless. And guess what? It makes 'proper' toast just like the old one!! Well done Tesco...
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