Tesco Bean Sprouts
Tesco Bean Sprouts

Tesco Bean Sprouts

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Just been into my local tesco store in Aylesbury and picked up a bargain!!!! 410g tin of Tesco bean sprouts in water, reduced from 65p to 5p !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Its available online aswell as in store - ive just checked. (Tesco Bean Sprouts 410g)

No way! Beansprouts! Where's my Wok?!?!?!


No way! Beansprouts! Where's my Wok?!?!?!

ha ha ha

They've had tins of stir fried vegetables for 5p too, and baby corn at 20p, and water chestnuts at 20p. Been those prices for a couple of months.

theyve been 5p for a few weeks now,our store hasnt had any in stock..i think the promo was meant to be a saving of 5p bringing them down from 65p to 60p,not a saving of 60p bringing them down to 5p as theres a few items on the same shelf on special offer by a few pence lol

Be careful to check the valid till date. When this offer was on last month (the vegetable tinned stir fry as well as the bean sprouts) the tins in my local shop were only valid til Sept 08. But then again tinned goods should far exceed their best before date.

I bought a tin of this stir fry veg when they were cheap from tesco a month ago, it went straight in the bin, awful taste to it.

Bought 2 tins a couple of weeks ago - only ok til Sep 08 on the ones I got...

I still think fresh beansprouts taste far much better than tinned varieties regardless the cost. Would you see iceberg lettuce in tinned cans? No Chinese restaurants/takeaways buy beansprouts in canned form. They are suppose to be kept at cool dry temperatures or they will wilt faster. We never buy them in canned form at any cost. Having them in canned form will just mean they just last longer but don't taste nice. So buy at your peril. :whistling:

didnt know u cud ge tinned ones!

I bought some of these a few weeks ago when they were 5p (strangely, last time I checked, they were back up to a more normal price in my local store).

They are not as good as fresh, but if you can't always get to the shops to buy fresh, and you fancy having a few tins in the cupboard for a quick emergency meal, they're a good idea.

I must admit that on a budget these really are a bargain. I went for the tinned chinese vegetables (contains beansprouts, water chestnuts etc) and combined with a previous BOGOF offer, served them with Sharwoods Kung Po Cooking Sauce, quick, easy and quite tasty and all for pennies. Whatever your taste, they can serve as an emergency quick fix. But I do think the 'bargain' is because they are coming to the end of their best before date. If memory serves me well, the bean sprouts sell by date when I checked was Oct 08.

these were listed a few weeks ago on here, but now I can't find the other deal ...

Not a bad deal, but it would get more people looking if you actually put the price in your title!!!

Why buy these when you can pick up a bag of fresh ones for 36p ;-)
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