Tesco BOGOF on all £1 Items

Tesco BOGOF on all £1 Items

Found 20th Feb 2007
Just got back from TESCO and it looks like everything priced at a £1 is BOGOF.

It includes;_
BABY STUFF eg Plastic Bibs, Cups & spoons = 50p per pack
GADGETS eg Travel Radio,Scart Cables = 50p per pack
DIY eg Masking Tape triple pack, String 4 pack = 50p per pack
STATIONERY eg Pencils with rubber 50 pack = 50p per pack
and lot lots more!

INSTORE ONLY and there is mountains of stock.

If you like bargains just go and fill your basket at 50p per pack, I did!

Add any items you find to this list. Ta!
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Do you know if this is in all stores?

Where abouts was the store that you visited?

Thanks for the post. :thumbsup:
lol can you say "knee-jerk"
This is definitely all the bigger 24hr stores.... don't have any of the smaller stores near me so can't check but seems to be nationwide.

lol can you say "knee-jerk"

Yep Despatches springs to mind........:giggle:
Everyone I know who saw that programme said they'd never go near Tesco again.
Sorry what happened on despaches? :$

And it looks Tesco have backed up on their supplies of far eastern cheap goods which they rebrand, this seems to happen monthly now
Dispatches basically revealed how Tesco avoids paying property taxes through legal tricks, how they promise that they have the public at interest and don't go where they aren't wanted, yet have done the exact opposite on dozens of occassions, forcing local businesses to close, ruining communities and working with councils to force their way into towns.

There's also a load of critical information available:

Tesco is the Devil!!!

I can't stand the place, their food quality cannot compete with *********'s IMHO

...I'm just a 'Taste the Difference' ponce really :whistling: :giggle:

EDIT: Can someone please tell me why the supermarket that Jamie Oliver mugs for cannot be mentioned while Tesco's can... ...they're the Devil I tells yer
Not another Supermarket BOGOF post. All major Supermarkets have BOGOF deals, shall we post about them as well?

krinkle, That Supermarket you are talking about had a big hoo haa about it's vouchers being posted on the Internet and being abused. I don't think it can be mentioned on HUKD and a few other sites.
Some store specific codes which worked nationally online were posted on HUKD a while ago I think, its a bit harsh to blank out the name sainsburies entirely though.
Basically don't use them. Go anywhere else if at all possible, and if you can shop locally do that. They may already have destroyed your local shops, which is a shame. Use box schemes (e.g. riverford.co.uk if you are in the south west) where they give a damm about the UK farmer/environment.

To be honest though, Tesco is there to serve it's shareholders, and in our capitalist society money rules.

Kind of odd discussing this on a site dedicated to finding you the one deal on the net where, in effect, a particular dealer has been able to screw over a manufacturer(and thus it's workers). But hey at least you are saving money and THAT is the important thing!

I've worked for Heinz and Unilever. It is important to remember that BOGOF's are never discounted by the likes of Tesco's. They go to the supplier and negotiate the deal. The supplier/manufacturer takes the hit and usually the cost is passed down the food chain.
I have just been to my local tescos (not extra or 24hour) and I can confirm that the £1 items (in the special £1 boxes) are buy one get one free. There are loads of things available. Thanks to the OP, voted hot.

Lol! Least I'm not the only one who hates Tecso's!!! Those on MSE will have seen my rant at them!

(for those who dnt know, i was accused of being a thief and a con artist for asking about the policy when I was overcharged on a 360... funny thing is... I don't do R&R's at all so I was literally an honest customer wanting a 360!!!!!!!! and then accused of being a thief when i got overcharged)
The store I visited was a 24 hour store but I understand it is in all stores who sell from the £1 special boxes.

Most cheap goods come from the far east now and all stores seem to buy from the same factories. So if there is a good deal don't knock it!
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