Tesco Bran Flakes 500g Box 59p @ Tesco

Tesco Bran Flakes 500g Box 59p @ Tesco

Found 1st Sep 2016Made hot 1st Sep 2016
Spotted these instore yesterday, thought it was a clearance price but its this price online aswell so a national price. Near on half the price of other supermarket bran flakes. The 1kg is also down to £1.15. So could save yourself a few pence if you eat a lot of bran flakes


Only matching the Lidl price. And probably only because they are losing a lot of sales to them.

I'd sooner have these Wiggy

The Kellogs Whaaaan look photo shopped, are we sure they are genuine???

good find op, heat added

Hot for tesco prices nowadays. Heated. Until about a year ago they did an everyday value box for 77p. 1kg. Shame they stopped doing it!

How do these taste? Is it anywhere near the famous brand ?


How do these taste? Is it anywhere near the famous brand ?

I prefer them to Kelloggs

88p for 1kg in Aldi. Nice find though

These are okish and compare to the brand name, a bit different but not vastly.
None of them though are as good as Aldis own brand which is also very cheap. Subjective and personal opinion but these are some of the nicest tasting around. You just (again my opinion) need to let them soak in the milk for 5 minutes as otherwise like many bran flakes it's like chewing wood shavings, but of course many people will like that texture so it's all good.
Anyone else remember how bran flakes were way way WAY nicer in the late 70s until their "new recipe" about 1981ish
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