Tesco Bubble Machine £2.93 @ Tesco.
Tesco Bubble Machine £2.93 @ Tesco.

Tesco Bubble Machine £2.93 @ Tesco.

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Load this portable bubble machine with bubble solution and watch it blow lots of bubbles. Colours or styles may vary. The Tesco bubble maker requires 6 x AA batteries and is suitable from age 3.


How many batteries:w00t:

They will cost as much as the toy lol

I had one of these for my daughter, it never lasted an hour and the motor had blown on it. I might of been unlucky though.

Yep ... we had one too and it had broken within the hour :x

Was going to buy it as well......... not anymore!;-)

yeah it looked good until those comments, not so good now!

All these things are rubbish i have tried a few and they all either break or just don't work

I bought one of these from tesco instore for £1.50 about 3 days ago and its been played with loads already and is still working fine, these are worth £3 but not £3 plus postage, if you're ordering anyway then good price! Heat from me as my daughter loves hers...but have a look instore first to see if they have them reduced even further like they did in mine :thumbsup:

yep i bought their entire stock - about 8 for £1.50. Great for presents!


We got one for my daughter's birthday - 2 minutes later it started smoking and then broke.

Great for presents for someone you really don't like!

Bought one, returned it after use, it just did not work! Gazillions all the way!!!!!!

i got one last week for £1.50 and it works fine.ok, i bough good batteries that costed me twice the price of the toy.but worth it cause they LOOvE it!!
but I have also to agree that 2 years ago I bought a tesco one and I had to take it back!!! (bought cheap tesco batteries......might be why)
so the deal is good, ...the toy.......well, it depends...:)

Looks good but based on the comments - think I will stick to the old fashioned tube and stick!

Just ordered 11 for £27.28 (using a £5 off voucher for spends over £30) - so £2.48 each, delivered to store.

The reviews on the site are quite good 9/10 from 7 votes, I might get a couple of duffers in the 11, perhaps.

I'm having a party and thought it'd be "fun" to have 11 going at the same time.

These are rubbish, i got one and within the day it had stopped working :-(

Doubt anyones listening, but:

I think (but could be talking rubbish), that a lot of people have been having problems with these because they are over-filling them.

The reservoir is quite small, but form the front, it looks like you can put lots of mixture in. If you do put lots in, the mixture overflows and enters a rear chamber, which houses the fan... The mixture can then touch the fan, making it harder to spin and therefore making it appear rubbish (what most people say), smoke and/or use loads of batteries!.

Someone also said it was hard to get the mixture out - if it stays ust in the front chamber, it should be quite easy to get out as per the instructions (just tip it up!).
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