Unfortunately this deal is no longer valid
Tesco - Camping Equipment Half Price Offer  - eg Tent £11 / Camping Chairs 2 for £12 (until 22 May)
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Tesco - Camping Equipment Half Price Offer - eg Tent £11 / Camping Chairs 2 for £12 (until 22 May)

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Posted 18th May
Half price deal on all camping equipments at Tesco. Deal Valid until 22 May. All offers are available online and in store except the chair (2) which I could only find in store.

1) Tesco 2 Man Tent Single Layer - £11 (reduced from £22)
2) Tesco camping chair - single £8 , for Two - £12.(In store only)
3) Tesco 4 Man Tent Single Layer - £17 (reduced from £34)
4) Tesco Beach Rug - £6 (reduced from £12)
5) Tesco Single With Pillow Air Bed - £6 (reduced from £12)
6) Tesco Double With Pillow Air Bed - £9 (reduced from £18)
7) Tesco 3L Foot Pump - £3 (reduced from £6)
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Not convinced about the tents..
Single layer sucks duck eggs unless its proofed. Twin skin was great
Where's the whistling kettle lol
Don't expect much from £11 tent anyways. I bought the rug and the chair and they both are decent quality and seems well worth the price .
I can’t find chair
Any link please
The chairs were the same price for most of last year. Also are same price in Asda.
Just don't bother with these tents & airbeds. They are rubbish throw away tents that just add to the worlds plastic waste.

The tents are beyond useless. Single skin & don't seal well to the elements. Space for 2 people but you'll end up touching the sides so get soaked with condensation plus no space for any kit. If you want a budget tent check out aldi & lidl when they do them.

As for the airbeds, they are much the same. Last year we bought 2 single & a double & each one failed on the first night. The repair patches didn't work as each had failed in joins.

You don't have to spend alot to get decent kit. I've used a £15 argos 1 man tent (but mountains of space for yourself & kit & only 1.6kg) for the last 7 years of camping trips & 2-5 festivals a year. Along with a 5 year old £10 multimat (again very light) & an ultralight chair (copy of helinox one) for £12, which aldi do for £18.
Not everything is in the sale- for example, their double-layer tent is not included, which is a pity as it's pretty good.

Can't find link for beach rug and nothing appears when searching online
Don't buy an airbed, use a pool lilo! They fail less often, easier to fix, smaller and work just as well. That's my top festival camping tip Although if you're young enough to camp, you're young enough to sleep on the floor
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