Tesco Cava now £3.36 per bottle instore

Tesco Cava now £3.36 per bottle instore

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Bought this tonight for £3.36 per bottle plus an extra 5% off when you buy six bottles.

This was for their own brand Demi-Sec which some call medium dry and is actually a lot easier to drink than the Brut variety which is Dry.

Its shows up online as also being on offer but says "not in stock" when you try the website. Although the regular Brut is in stock (online) but strangely was not on offer in store.

This is basically 25% off what I feel is a good value wine to start with, no where near as nice as the M&S version, but they sell theirs at £8 where as this normally sells at £4.49 and if put in the freezer for an hour to chill down, really improves.

Hope its of help to someone.



What's the percentage?

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Both versions plus the Rose are 11.5%.


Love this - off to get some today!

Good price. Will look for this next time i'm in Tesco.

Just been instore and there's one for £4.50 a bottle reduced from £6
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Cheers Will def get some if I see it.


Just been instore and there's one for £4.50 a bottle reduced from £6

This is the Cava Reserva rather than the basic Cava. I got a couple of bottles of this as decent price too.

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The Reserva is also a good buy but they've only ever done Brut in it and we're partial to the Demi Sec
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This part of a wider 25% off of all Spanish and New Zealand wines and finishes on 28/09/10. The dry Cava is part of the deal and if you buy 6 or more bottles or more you get a firther 5% discount. Both seem to be available online now.
Worth keeping an eye on Tesco as they seem to be working through their range with the 25% offer.

Love a drop of cheap fizz

Good deal.

wow, on my way !!

Picked up two bottles just now, fab thanks

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As per a post by nicster08, it appears Tesco may be doing a 25% off wine (when you buy 6 bottles) on Wed 29th when this offer stops so be on the look out for overlaps


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Stocked up tonight, 25% off and then another 25% off

Bought in lots of 6 bottles at a time costing £15.12 per lot, dunno if it'll still work tomorrow but I'll be trying. X)

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