Tesco Charcoal Trolley Barbecue down from £45 to £9

Tesco Charcoal Trolley Barbecue down from £45 to £9

Found 23rd Oct 2009
Tesco are still clearing out the remaining barbecues. Likely to be very store specific but worth a look. This one has a cooking area 53 x 38 cm plus a shelf to the side and a lower shelf. Also has whells to scoot it around. Much better than the basic round ones that will sell for this price when the sun eventually comes back out. Picture is taken from the box where it will stay till summer.
Bought this at Preston HomePlus They had four left at closing time last night going unnoticed after the checkouts on the way out, so hope this helps at least four of you.

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If that's it in the picture, then the original 45 quid has been a bit of a Tesco fantasy!
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