Tesco Chocolate Biscuit Assortment 450G - Instore - Was £4 Now £1.00

Tesco Chocolate Biscuit Assortment 450G - Instore - Was £4 Now £1.00

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Found 6th Mar 2017
Instore on white label reduced to £1.00

Mix of white, milk & dark chocolate biscuits.
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    Heat added, will check tomorrow fam.
    Dropped mine on the floor!

    Someone stood on them!

    was it at a metro?
    Original Poster Banned

    was it at a metro?

    Nope an Extra
    full price in tesco swan yardley
    I still have these left over from christmas Hot .
    Oooh yummy
    Mmmmmm nice, heat added

    Brand new offer today:

    Tesco Chocolate Biscuit Assortment 450GSave £1.00 Was £4.00 Now £3.00

    This deal was just a one off clearance item in one unknown (expect to the OP) store.
    Cold deal. Only British Dental Association members voted hot.
    Yum! heat added
    Its interesting. I came across of these biscuits at local Tesco express and there were loads at clearance section. I asked about the price and was told they were £4. Few days later I came back and they all gone except of one with damaged box. The SA went to check the price of that one and said that its £4. I can't believe all other gone so quickly at full price of £4!
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    they have to recoup some of the £5billion loss they will announce tomorrow
    Great offer if available in any of my 3 nearby Tesco stores; I won't look as I am doing the "no sugar diet" and not sure these fit in with that lol!
    I am suppose to give up chocolate for lent - too tempting.
    Great price
    Great value, now I just have to wait till I get to Tesco to see if I can actually find these and get my second Tesco HUKD purchase from them.
    not in my tesco
    OMG just seen [that product you really like] at Tesco reduced from £[the price you normally pay] to £1. It was on a white label. Off to post a super hot deal.
    £3 in my local tesco
    Hot deal...loved these at Christmas..
    Summer holidays around the corner and still trying to squeeze in to my Speedos after Xmas so voted cold.
    had these at Christmas when they were half price at £2 really nice bisuits! but looks like a 1 off that the OP found
    After a long wait at customer services at Romford Romeo corner was told, sorry it is miss print and they are £3.00 and not 4..... Needless to say did not buy them
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