Tesco Clothing Sale - up to 70% off - INSTORE
Tesco Clothing Sale - up to 70% off - INSTORE

Tesco Clothing Sale - up to 70% off - INSTORE

Big banner up outside my Tesco - up to 70% off clothing- but the stuff I looked at was 50%. As with all sales it doesn't apply to all their clothing just the stuff in the sale.

Got a pair of Chinos for £3.....



*binds fingers together with sellotape to avoid starting another war* :-D

Got some trousers for my 4 year old for 75p and £1 and a top for my daughter for £1.25. I think a lot of the 70% is kids but there are bargains to be had!

Big HOT vote from me & rep given.
Popped in to my local Soutampton Homeplus store this morning and got 2 pairs of Chinos - 1 pair was reduced from £6 to £3, the other reduced from £16 to £2 !!
£5 for 2 pairs of work trousers, though to be honest the pair orginally priced at £16 i think are too good for work lol

I got a bit of a brucie bonus as well - there was a thread on here a little while back about the furniture clearance instore, and it seems this store still has availability - I picked up the last Santa Fe 5 drawer chest which shows as discountinued on ]Direct @ £54.99, I was charged £13.74..... Well Happy......They still have a stereo stand, and huge Glass Tv stands, though like the chest i purchased there was no prices displayed, so chances are if you want it, they will still be there.

They also had loads of vases and artificial flower things at 75%, so may be worth a look for Mothers Day ideas.

Anyhow's sorry about the rambling Gari - Many thanks again :thumbsup:

Edit: nearly forgot - loads of laminate flooring palleted by the 1st isle at £12 - £15 a pack., it's the ones which are showing ]online at £25 a pack.

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Thanks Saint - currently wearing my £4.50 glitch trousers from M & S - must stop paying soo much for my clothes!!!

Expecting my Grampian chairs soon :thumbsup:

Got some socks today normally £5 down to £1.50 and had a till spit for 300 Extra clubcard points ...some real bargains to be had .
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