Tesco Clubcard vouchers soon no longer valid with Avis Car Hire

Tesco Clubcard vouchers soon no longer valid with Avis Car Hire

Found 27th Feb 2008
Okay not as much a deal as the end of a deal, but thought I'd give you all the heads up that Avis won't be taking Tesco Clubcard deals vouchers for much longer. If like me you were planning to use them for your holidays this year..."Please note: If you have been saving your Clubcard Vouchers for Avis Tokens, you must have ordered your Tokens by the 16th April and completed your car rental by 31st May 2008."
I rang Avis and they've confirmed it too.
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Seem to think you're not going to be able to use them on the Eurostar either?

Eurotunnel crossings seem unaffected but worth looking into if you are saving for this?
Thanks for the info
Thanks for the info - it's a shame because I had a brilliant deal when I hired a car in Portugal last year
Got an email, from Marriot, a few weeks ago telling that their deal was ending as well.

Just hope the Blockbusters deal doesn't end!
Tesco deals are just getting worse and worse.

I thought the Eurostar deals were great value- especially when there were plenty of 1000 and 1500 point codes knocking around, Such a shame they aren't lasting!
its a con!

right i have a £30 tesco voucher
avis clubcard deal is 4 x tesco vouchers= so £30 x 4= £120 in avis tokens
u cannot redeem on the avis website instead have to call them.
so before ringing i get a quote online, came out as £180 for 7 days
great i thought, by the time i used up the tokens i will be paying £60 (£180-£120)
so i call and they quote me £220. i query this and avis say its higher rate for tesco clubcard deals.

basically the points are useless- by the time i redeemed the tokens i would end up paying the original full website price!

what a scam!- is this illegal??

defeats the purpose of joining the clubcard scheme!
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