Tesco Cold & Flu Survival Pack

Tesco Cold & Flu Survival Pack

Found 9th Dec 2007Made hot 9th Dec 2007
Available from the Chemist counter in Tesco. It says that it is free with any cold or flu product, but I was given one without having to buy anything.

It is a small red box consisting of:

Pocket pack of tissues
Sample of hand cream
Two tea samples
A hot chocolate sample
Small jar of honey
Money off coupons and survival guide


Since when has hand cream, tea and hot chocolate been deemed as cold remedies?:thumbsup:

looks good! hot voted!

Does anyone know if this is all Tesco's???

And how long the offer is on for??

But it makes you feel so much better!!

It's not a remedy pack. It's a survival pack!!

Sounds good, will try and get one for myself

Why is this expired?


What if you don't have a chemist counter??

i had my survival pack from tesco pharmacy in new oscott ,birmingham.
its really good and useful. its free with any cold remedy you buy from pharmacy.
worth it! :thumbsup:

Thanks got mine from the store in Macclesfield. MMMMMM galaxy hot chocolate. Who cares if their not remedys but don't half make you feel better!! LOL voted [COLOR="Red"]HOT[/COLOR]

Is there a direct link? I can't find it on their site.

thanks! got mine in coventry.. good stuff.. useful coupons too . voted hot :thumbsup:

Trowbridge's Tesco's must be the only Tesco Extra in the country not to have a pharmacy, it's huge so not sure why it hasn't
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