tesco curry sauces 38p (Llanelli)

tesco curry sauces 38p (Llanelli)

Found 10th Sep 2016Made hot 11th Sep 2016
Tesco.curry sauces,all down to 38p in my local Tesco.s (Llanelli) 5 different sauces.

I was told stock taking next week.lots of lines reduced,guess they can't be bothered to count them!


Half a bag of tesco frozen farmhouse vegetable for £1.40(for the full 1kg bag) and a jar of any of those sauces and you have a pretty decent meal for less than £2.50 (with rice)! With plenty for 2 or left overs for lunch!

and pretty good they are to.

good find op, heat added

Nice find

Skills. Just got some. Loads on the shelf

Still 79p in Gateshead tesco
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