Tesco Daffodils half price £1.00

Tesco Daffodils half price £1.00

Found 17th Feb 2011
Tesco Daffodils are really cheap - I saw them in my local shop, (Marylebone) and thought that potentially they were just a one off, but I went into another shop today so thought I would post the deal.

They look beautiful, and you get a huge amount for £1.05. Celebrate spring!
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I'd love to see that on a Tesco advert. "Nearly Half Price" lmao
work out cheaper at waitrose with buy one get one free for £1.99, good if you want just 1 bunch though, not voting.
99p at Sainsbury's
Free......will nick my neighbours


Free......will nick my neighbours

exactly or country hedges or 3 bunches for a quid from laybys

99p at Sainsbury's

94p at my local Sainsbury's yesterday.
99p at asda today for 20 flowers because i got some
Just been to Strescos. They were a Quid so probably a small regional variation in price.
They've actually dropped to £1 in my local shop now as well
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